Remote Software Developer Jobs

How We Staff Remote Software Developer Jobs

Chalex Consulting Group is an IT consulting firm that primarily focuses on IT staff augmentation and bench software development. We can staff software developers remote jobs through our extensive pool of talented candidates, all of whom have undergone a rigorous screening and testing process to ensure that only the best IT candidates are placed. In this blog, we’ll go over how we can help fill your software developer jobs remotely so that your businesses can run as effectively as possible and with little to no downtime due to system issues.  

Remote Workers Allows For A Larger Pool Of Candidates At A Lower Cost

While the local pool of candidates may be lacking, filling positions with remote workers lets businesses hire software developers anywhere in the world. And this is particularly important when looking for talent with a specific set of expertise. The advantage of hiring remote software developers means that operational expenses are reduced as the fewer people you have in the office, the less overhead costs a business will take on. Many companies avoid payroll taxes by hiring software developers as independent contractors or outsourcing to a software development firm, both of which avoid costs of health coverage and retirement. Chalex Consulting Group can help your business find remote candidates that are cost-effective while still being highly skilled. Our impressive reputation gives us access to some of the most skilled software developers in the US, and our staffing process ensures that they can help businesses thrive in the evolving technological landscape. 

How Chalex Consulting Group Understands The Requirements Of A Job 

To staff a remote software developer position, you must first understand the requirements of the company. As an IT consulting firm with extensive experience in all different software, we know that each business has its own set of requirements needed to reach its short and long-term goals. By understanding what your business requires from its software, we’re able to staff candidates with that specific knowledge. 

Interview Process 

To successfully augment the IT staff of an existing business, we need to interview both the candidates and those managing the business. This helps us identify candidates who will meet the requirements and will fit into the landscape of the company.  Software developer candidates must have the right attitude, be able to communicate effectively, and seamlessly blend into the business's vision. It’s also the time when we see if they have in-depth knowledge of development methodologies and be sure that their software skills are up to par. 

Assessment Of Skills 

We take care to rigorously test and assess all software developer candidates. During this evaluation, we offer a chance for talent to show us how their experience in software development can be used in real-time. We test their ability to use a wide range of developer and collaboration tools and see if they have the capability to fit in with your business objectives. Next, we create a programming session that tests if the candidate and the managing head of the department can work together harmoniously. We do this because even the most talented candidate may not be the right fit for a company if they can’t collaborate. Pair programming is a technique where the candidate writes code while the department head reviews the work. It can help value not only coding proficiency but problem-solving and command within different tools. Generally, this part of the process addresses software developers' depth of knowledge and shows whether or not they will be able to handle the scope of the work at the scale of the business. 

What Makes Chalex Consulting Group Your Best Chance At Finding Talent Whether your company is looking for a candidate who is well-versed in a variety of software techniques or you’re looking for someone with specific expertise, the Chalex Consulting Group can help you find the best talent. We do this by looking outside the normal scope of developers and finding untapped talent within the industry. We seek out talent from recent graduates who may be lacking in work experience but were more recently taught the newest software development making them better suited to certain positions. For talent with ample experience, we go above and beyond to make sure that they have current techniques, because generally these candidates will cost more, and it’s important that they be worth the investment.  

Chalex Consulting Group has been helping staff remote software developer jobs for years, and our experience and attention to detail are what make us the very best at what we do.  

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