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What to Look For in Cyber Security Companies

Having a professional cyber security company to support and protect your business is essential these days, as the FBI reported that cybercrime rates have increased by 300% since the Covid-19 pandemic. But it can be overwhelming for companies to know how to find the best cyber security firm. Chalex Consulting Group is a cyber security consultant firm that wants to make your life a little easier, so here we’ll go over what to look for in cyber security companies and how to tell if their skills will keep your business safe from hacks and data breaches.  

Start With Their Credentials And Qualifications 

To address the qualifications of cyber security companies you need to understand what security framework they use. Regulated security frameworks ensure that the company is operating at the highest level of standards with the most efficient and effective practices possible. These frameworks outline procedures and guidelines that mitigate cyber security risks and show that they are capable of handling all services required. You’ll want to look into their commitment to certified and secure service within their cyber security analysts, as this ensures they are compliant with all information privacy acts. New privacy acts are introduced frequently, so a cyber security company’s knowledge of these keeps your company safe from noncompliance which can be costly.

Ask About Their Knowledge Of The Threat Intelligence Landscape 

The threat intelligence landscape refers to the full scope of cybersecurity attacks that can harm users, companies, and industries. Cyber threats change and increase each day, so it’s important for a business to choose a cyber security company that stays current with the changing landscape and prevents or mitigates attacks and data breaches. Businesses should ask companies what their process of data collection is, as this allows them to connect previous cyber attacks to possible future attacks. A well-run cyber security company will have a versatile and evolving approach that adapts along with the threat landscape. 

Will They Be Available To You When You Need Them?

A cyber security company needs to be staffed with enough qualified specialists to offer adequate cyber security consulting services to fit the scale of your company but they also need to be accessible. When an incident occurs, a good cyber security company will be immediate in its response, as the longer a threat goes unchecked, the more damage it can do to a business, and the higher the cost will be. Just as real-life crime happens mostly after the sun goes down, so too does cybercrime. FireEye reported that 76% of ransomware attacks happen outside of business hours and this is because cyber criminals want to deploy attacks at a company that is at its most vulnerable, meaning you need a company that’s available 24/7.

Look For Fast, Effective, Incident Response Time 

Along with cyber security companies needing to be accessible 24/7, you’ll also want them to have an action plan prepared if an incident occurs. As previously stated, the longer a threat goes unchecked the more damage that can occur, so having an action plan prepared ahead of time is essential. An incident response plan is a set of instructions that address detection, response, and recovery time following a data breach or cyber attack. The plan should be a coordinated effort that minimizes harm done. Ask questions about their action plan if an attack or breach occurs and who your contact would be within the security firm, as this is the moment when your business will need them the most. 

Transparent Spending 

A business’s data is invaluable, and hiring a cyber security company that can effectively protect it is vital to success, however with any hiring process you want to be sure that you know how they are going to spend your money. While it's understandable that businesses are always looking for ways to cut costs, opting for an inexpensive security company could mean that they aren’t able to address your cybersecurity needs. Look for companies that overpromise services for low prices, as these generally serve as a warning that they aren’t transparent and can leave your business vulnerable. The State of Ransomware 2020 survey by Sophos reports that ransomware attacks cost on average $1,090,489, meaning that the security firm you choose is not the place to try to save, because it may cost you in the end. 

Finding the right IT security consultant, such as Chalex Consulting Group can help you ensure that you find the right cyber security company and keep your business and its data safe from breaches and attacks. 

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