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Why Managed IT Services Are Best Handled By An Outside Firm

IT managed services are necessary to maintain networks and keep an organization or company’s system up to date and running smoothly. Employees cannot be asked to complete their tasks, or do their work to the best of their ability, without properly functioning IT. Due to the current climate of rapidly evolving technology, most small and midsize companies simply don’t possess the computing skills or IT talent to stay current and optimize their network in-house, which is why it’s important for them to outsource to a dedicated firm. In this article, we’ll go through the top reasons why your managed IT service is best handled by an outside firm, as these firms have the adequate talent and in-depth knowledge of technology to maintain efficiency and security with a system.   

Avoid Tech Issues To Save Money 

While many assume that working with an IT consultant or outside firm is expensive, it in fact saves organizations money. External IT companies can make recommendations for optimization and offer ways to avoid serious tech issues that not only slow a business’s operations down but generally come at a great cost. An outside managed service provider constantly monitors all aspects of an organization's IT from its hardware and applications to its security and internet connection. Working with an outside firm can mean the difference between avoiding issues, or having to pay someone to fix them while the business’ operations remain at a stand-still. 

Focus On Business Not IT

Perhaps the biggest benefit of outsourcing IT to a firm is that they’re experts, and allowing them to maintain and update networks means that a company can focus on their core business objectives rather than troubleshooting tech issues. This is particularly important when a business is in the midst of growth, as often in these situations employees are required to take on multiple roles to meet the expanding demands. When IT responsibility ends up falling on employees that were not initially hired for such, it can lead to less time to focus on their primary role and mistakes can become more present. When companies allow their managed IT services to be taken on by an outside firm, employees can focus on generating revenue which in the end is more important for a business's success.

Outside Firms Offer Expertise

While some businesses opt for an in-house IT employee, a single person is rarely going to have all the needed expertise to handle all the aspects of tech responsibility. The rate of technological advancements and innovation grows faster each year, and in order to keep up with an outside firm managing IT services is the only way to ensure that its technical requirements are met with adequate resources. Each company will have its own unique set of technical challenges or pain points, and a managed service provider can address these helping companies reach their short and long-term goals. Outsourcing IT services makes it easier for companies to stay productive and eliminate downtime through an efficient system that is regularly enhanced for key objectives. 

Managed IT Security Service

Cyber security has never been more important for companies, as cybercrime is becoming more ever-present as each year passes. In 2021, the average cost of data breaches was 4.24 million USD and that increased by nearly 3% in 2022 to 4.35 million. When organizations outsource their managed IT services they get the expertise needed to locate vulnerabilities within a system. Outside firms can run penetration testing, meaning they simulate a cyber attack on their computer system and evaluate the strength of a system by offering cyber security techniques that avoid hacks and data breaches. 

Introduce New Technology When Needed

Companies that manage their IT services in-house struggle to complete new projects fast enough to meet their needs, because these projects may require new hires and training. It can take weeks if not months to get the support needed to successfully complete these objectives. Using an outside firm that already has the resources to implement new technology right away saves companies time and money. 

How Chalex Consulting Group Can Help 

Chalex Consulting Group is a technology consulting and IT staffing agency. They offer resources for IT staffing, IT consulting, bench software development and cyber security consulting that can address the pain points of a company so they can see increased efficiency within their system. They work to give enterprise companies the right IT talent and services for their core business objectives to achieve short and long-term goals. More than this they give companies new methods for innovations. 

Working with an outside firm for managed IT services means safer systems, and stronger systems through experienced IT staff, and Chalex Consulting Group knows how to do just that. 

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